Tour Prep: First of 2 Rehearsals This Week. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015. We arrived at Mr. Byrd’s studio at our usual rehearsal time of 7:30 pm.  After we finished setting up our gear, Jonathan stuck his head in the door and asked if Paul & I would drop by the house to say goodnight to Rowan. The two of them were snuggling in bed, reading a book about ….. you guessed right: trains. JB then soon joined us with coffee and a bag of Ketchup potato chips. Love working for this guy! You see, this one of our favorite Canadian road snacks. Hey, don’t knock ’em till you try ’em! Then we got right to work. New songs from Jonathan’s new record, Mother Tongue, a Danish-American collaboration by Jonathan Byrd & The Sentimentals. 

  • Sun On The Water, a beautiful tune with cool textural electric guitar by the Danish Sentimental guitarist MC Hanson. After one pass, both Paul & Jonathan sorely missed Jacob Chano’s awesome laid back drum track from the record so JB asked me to pick up the mandolin and there was the percussive element we were looking for.
  • Then came Natural Supernatural, On The Edge, Malchik, (a piece that features Paul’s beautiful cello playing) and the haunting, Love is The Law.
  • We also worked up the ethereal moody Scuppernong  from the record Cackalack.

Rehearsal ran pretty late. We got a lot done, found stuff to work on. Paul and I have always enjoyed emulating the songs from Jonathan’s great records, recreating them and giving them the Cowboy Brand.  



live slow,

Johnny Waken

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