The Cowboys in Toronto

The spring tour has kicked off with great success and we are glad to be back in Canada. All of our fans are falling in love with Eliot Bronson, like we knew they would. It is a rewarding feeling to see Eliot selling his music here in Canada to his new fan base; we are thrilled to have him out on the road with us.
We’ve had two days off in Toronto, and spent our time haunting the thrift stores, used bookstores, coffee shops, and restaurants around The Kensington Market area. 
Canadian Superhero Corin Raymond

Canadian Superhero Corin Raymond


Also, it was a great treat to spend an afternoon with our dear friend Corin Raymond,
hunkered down at Wanda’s Pie In The Sky bakery, where eventually we were tossed out – they did have to close for the day. Corin is a special person in the life of Jonathan Byrd & The Pickup Cowboys – he is solely responsible for bringing Jonathan to Canada and making all of this musical magic happen.
Last night at the Moonshine Café, in Oakville, Eliot joined the band onstage for the encore – we played his great song, “One Mississippi”, off his Milwaukee record and one of Jonathan’s best songs, the title track for his last record, “You Can’t Outrun the Radio”. Eliot plays some sweet harmonica and sings background vocals alongside Johnny. John and James at the Moonshine Cafe run a great listening room and do a good job taking care of the patrons and musicians.
Today the tour takes us to Kemptville, Ontario, where we will play at The Branch. The Saturday show in Owen Sound and Sunday show in Coburg have already sold out, a testament to the loyal fans of Jonathan’s music.
Happy Trails,
Paul Ford

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