“Fading like a midnight mile, I saw coyote.”

We really enjoyed listening to Eliot Bronson every night on the tour. His songwriting is exceptional, combined with a great voice, tasty harmonica parts and tight guitar playing, Eliot is a real gem. He won many new fans on the Canadian tour – one great song at a time. 

On the 2014 winter tour across Texas and up the Mississippi River, Eliot mentioned to me that he wanted to learn one of Jonathan’s songs to play out. In Canada he picked up the melody to JB’s song, “Coyote”, and started to work up an arrangement.

I caught Eliot and Jonathan playing the song upstairs at the Blacksheep Inn, in Wakefield, Ontario, before the show; a magical moment when two artists, two friends, come together to share a piece of music.

It is a real treat playing Jonathan’s new songs at the shows, bringing music to the people is what this is all about. “On the Edge”, “Malchik”, “Natural Supernatural”, and “Sun on the Water” have quickly become band favorites and crowd pleasers. “Love is the Law” is perhaps one of Jonathan’s finest pieces to date and the band has worked up a great rendition for the show. To be able to play songs that have real meaning is one of the most rewarding things for a musician and this particular song, with its timeless truth, is an excellent example of Jonathan’s great talent as a writer.

Happy Trails,


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