The Pickup Cowboy Record

We spent last week laying down tracks for the long awaited album, Pickup Cowboy. Recording sessions were at Jerry Brown’s Rubber Room studio in Chapel Hill. imageIt was a real treat working with Mr. Brown; a gentleman with an incredible ear and a witty sense of humor. I found Jonathan and Jerry to be much like two peas in a patchbay. The atmosphere there was ludicrous, intense, childlike, creative, efficient & industrious. Our kind of place. Once we got ourselves settled in, we got right into it. There are a number of new gems that might make it on the record but there are some songs we’ve been banging out in the theaters for almost 4 years and recorded in one take.  When we hit the last note of the title track we were like, ‘well, that was bad ass! What’s next?’. We work hard on the road and it sure pays off in the studio.  Listening to the rough mixes, sounds like it’s gonna be a killer! We’ll keep ya’ll posted on what makes it to vinyl…


live slow,