Great Times With Corin Raymond!

Howdy folks! Hope you were able to come out and catch this wonderful show. Having the opportunity to play with two incredible songwriters like JByrd and Corin Raymond every night is an amazing experience for me!

CORIN! Man, I love this guy. He was able to get a prerelease of his  new record, Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams  sent down from Canada while we were on the road. It’s a monster! Do your self a favor and go to his website and get yourself a copy. You’ll love it!

We stopped by the Fords on Saturday to give Paul a bunch of cards & gifts that fans had graciously sent along with us while on tour.

Paul was doing well and was so excited to hear about the upcoming Benefit Concert that we’ll be having next month. More on that later….

Thanks to all the wonderful fans and folks we had the great pleasure of meeting and hanging out with in GA, TN, NC, SC & VA! This was a fantastic tour and I loved sharing these two sweethearts with you!

Wishing everyone a lovely Holiday Season!

Only My Best,


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